Google Taps NFC For DOOH Games In Aussie Airports



Google is promoting Google Play in Australia with a new campaign combining digital-out-of-home displays and near-field communication, as well as QR codes, in three major airports. In addition to producing an impressive acronym, the DOOH-NFC-QR campaign highlights the possibilities of mobile and DOOH tie-ups, which can spur user engagement and deliver more precise measurement through interactivity.


The campaign, running on digital screens owned by Ooh! Media, invites air travelers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to interact with Google Play content using their smartphone or tablet. After tapping an NFC code or scanning a QR code, the participant can interact with the digital displays without having to download an app, thanks to NFC software provided by Red Crystal. Android users can then download books, movies, music, magazines, and apps to their phone via airport WiFi provided by Ooh!


The campaign is being promoted with interstitial messages on airport check-in kiosks, offering “entertainment for your trip” and directing travelers to the interactive displays.


According to a recent report from Berg Insight, 140 million smartphones equipped with NFC technology were shipped in 2012 worldwide, a 300% increase over the previous year. That figure represents about 20% of total smartphone shipments of 700 million units in 2012, and 8.8% of total mobile phone shipments of 1.6 billion units. What’s more, Berg expects annual shipments of NFC-enabled smartphones to increase at a cumulative annual growth rate of 48.2% over the next four years, with a billion units shipped in 2017 alone.

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