NEW! 2013 Effie Awards

Can You Handle the Truth?With all the hype, overblown estimates and first-of-its-kind campaigns submitted for award shows, truth in advertising is oftentimes hard to find. Whybin\TBWA took a truthful route in its campaign for the 2013 Effie Awards in New Zealand, complete with polygraph examiner. To encourage agencies to enter, eight ECDs and CEOs from New Zealand were interviewed about their most awarded campaigns from the past year while hooked up to a polygraph machine. Unlike some industry awards, the Effie Awards only reward campaigns that achieved bonafide business results for real clients. See an intro video here. Viewers can watch every polygraph test at, or take a polygraph test themselves. My favorite question asked under oath was: “Have more people on award juries seen your ‘Donation Glasses’ campaign than the actual New Zealand public?"
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