Epom Opens RTB Department With Trading Desk In The Works, Taps StrikeAd's Rakytskyy To Lead Charge

Epom, a global ad management company based in Ukraine, this week launched a real-time bidding (RTB) department within its IT division for online display and mobile. According to the release, clients using Epom will be able to connect with different demand-side platforms (DSPs) to combine direct and RTB-based campaigns.

Artur Rakytskyy, Epom's chief technology officer, will take over management of the RTB department. Rakytskyy was previously with StrikeAd as manager of their R&D department. Epom's RTB team is made up of seven members, and Rakytskyy told RTM Daily that new hires will be made soon.

Rakytskyy also told RTM Daily that there were numerous reasons behind the department's formation. "Partly it was a demand of the market of online advertisement, the expectations of our customers and, of course, our personal aspiration to provide Epom customers with something more multifunctional than just a platform for rolling ads," he said. "Looking ahead, we are also going to make our advertising network RTB-enabled."



Part of the plan to make the Epom ad network RTB-enabled is to create a trading desk, which the new department is currently developing. They hope to have the trading desk complete sometime during Q3 2013 and fully introduce it by Q4.

In the release, Epom described their vision for the future as providing a "complex RTB-Enterprise." Rakytskyy defined the "complex RTB-Enterprise" as an integration of "all significant DSP and SSP players on the market, implement[ing] floor price and the option to mix RTB campaigns with classic ones."

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