MySpace Makes For Punch Line At Social Summit

Wow, either Marcus Nelson, founder and CEO of social marketing startup Addvocate, doesn’t know that MySpace is attempting a grand reinvention, or he just doesn’t care. Talking about lost causes at MediaPost’s Social Media Insider Summit, on Friday, Nelson just asked attendees: “Anybody still on MySpace?!” Take that, Justin Timberlake! Beyond bashing MySpace, Nelson -- formerly head of social media at -- was trying to make the point that brands shouldn’t leave “graveyards” around the Web, whether they be MySpace pages that haven’t been tended to in years, or microsites that haven't kept up with the times. “It’s ok if [a social media effort] doesn’t work,” Nelson said. But, if you’re ready to move on, don’t forget to remove those efforts by the roots, he warned.

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  1. Marcus Nelson from Addvocate, August 26, 2013 at 11:54 a.m.

    Ha! I know about the new MySpace, I just haven't seen any traction there since I signed up:

    It's an example of a graveyard where brands may not see the interactions they might have hoped for, which is unfortunate as it really is a beautiful new site.

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