Are You Ready For The Football Mom?

In addition to the back-to-school rush, September also marks the beginning of a season that is often overlooked by marketing to mom brands: Football. Even if your brand doesn’t specialize in youth sporting equipment or monogramed clothing, you still have an opportunity to connect with “football moms.” After all, a “football mom” wears many hats:

Memory Keeper

Quickly peruse through your personal Facebook feed during the month of September and you will see a multitude of sports photos popping up from moms with kids at various stages of the football game. Help mom curate and share her photos by offering online photo books, scrapbooking accessories or special sport photography workshops. Consider using your own social media networks as a place for mom to share her young athlete’s winning plays as well. 



Sample Tag: He Plays the Game, You Make the Memory


As if keeping her family fed during the offseason isn’t hard enough, now mom has to contend with several food challenges: team snacks, pre-practice food options & fast, quick dinners. Consider adding healthy team and/or pre-practice snack ideas to your website with coupons or discounts for buying in bulk. If you’re a restaurant, offer special carryout options for family dinners allowing parents to pick up healthy meals after practices or games. Consider partnering with a local youth organization and have them promote your “practice night specials” to their families.

Sample Tag: Feed The Team 


With kids keeping fit on the field, moms are often looking for ways to keep fit off the field. This is a great opportunity to start an offsite fitness class that coincides with team practices or offer a “football-themed” class that takes moms through the same skill training and conditioning their young athletes are doing during practice.

Sample Tag: She Isn’t the Only Athlete in Your House

Chief Medical Officer

More than any other sport, football is one that carries with it a lot of safety concerns—especially for moms who are new to the game. Medical facilities can offer parents a tip sheet on what to look for with a concussion or just general tips on keeping kids safe. Sporting goods brands can bring in their equipment experts to give moms a firsthand look at how equipment should be used. 

Sample Tag: Know the Facts before They Hit the Field

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