RCN Boasts Fastest Net Speed In Boston, Ups Stream Experience

RCN, the overbuilder that provides triple-play service in parts of the Northeast, looks to have faster Internet service than some of the country’s largest cable operators -- at least according to one source.

In the Greater Boston market, Netflix found that RCN’s average speed of 2.42 Mbps topped second-place Charter Communications (2.19) by 11% in the April-June period.

The Boston rundown was Netflix’s first regional ranking of Internet service providers (ISPs). The digital video service offers a monthly national ranking and rundowns in foreign countries.

In Boston, RCN also topped Verizon FiOS (2.15 average Mbps), Comcast (2.13) and Time Warner Cable (2.05). It also led FairPoint Communications, which was at a 1.59 average.

Netflix conducts its rankings as a way to indicate which ISPs offer a better experience with its streams, including consideration of picture quality and speed in accessing content. It uses the average speed of all of its streams per ISP, but suggests its rankings are a proxy for each provider’s general performance.

The regional rankings allows Netflix to rate ISPs that operate in limited footprints. RCN also operates in parts of Washington, New York, Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania and Chicago.

In July, Google Fiber, Cablevision and Cox were the three fastest ISPs in Netflix’s national rankings.

As a matter of comparison to RCN’s Boston average, Google Fiber was much higher with a 3.63 Mbps average and Cablevision was at 2.53. But RCN’s 2.42 would slide in just below Cox Communications’ 2.44



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  1. Edmund Singleton from Winstion Communications, September 9, 2013 at 11:31 a.m.

    There is nothing like a little or a lot of competition to make a service better...

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