Can Apple Guarantee Your Fingerprint Data Remains Secure?

There’s just something… unsettling about the parade of news that’s come out over the last five days.

On September 7, the New Yorker online reveals that the NSA and British Intelligence’s GCHQ have “cracked much encryption,” and are able to store for future unencrypting information that is too difficult to encrypt today.

On September 8, it is revealed by The Washington Post that the NSA has been spying on Brazil’s state-run oil producer, Petrobras. This information was part of a “presentation used to train new agents about how to breach private computer networks.”

Der Spiegel disclosed on September 9th that mobile phone devices including iPhone and BlackBerry are not secure and information within them can be harvested remotely -- even when powered down.



Yesterday, September 10, Apple announced the new iPhone 5S with TouchID -- able to scan and store your encrypted fingerprint inside a “secure enclave” within the A7 chip.  Apple promises that this information is never placed into iCloud, and never leaves your device.

Today is September 11. 

What could possibly go wrong?

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