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  • The Democratization Of Content - A Snapshot Of Snapshot in MediaDailyNews on 03/25/2014

    Snapshot Publisher was developed initially to create a streamlined means of curating and publishing content to social-media channels of businesses and digital agencies (and their clients). Over the course of the past year, it has evolved into a tool for entrepreneurial-minded journalists and organizations.

  • Amazon's Mayday: OnStar For Your Kindle? in Real-Time Daily on 09/26/2013

    Amazon recently announced a new family of Kindle devices, and with them, a potentially game changing enhancement called the "Mayday" button. Similar to the OnStar services offered by GM over a decade ago, featured as a product differentiator in myriad TV commercials, Amazon's virtual Mayday button provides Kindle users with "on-device tech support," in the form of a video window and a presumably cheery, cogent and live person, able to guide you through your Kindle-related questions.

  • Can Apple Guarantee Your Fingerprint Data Remains Secure? in Online Media Daily on 09/11/2013

    There's just something... unsettling about the parade of news that's come out over the last five days. On September 7, the New Yorker online reveals that the NSA and British Intelligence's GCHQ have "cracked much encryption," and are able to store for future unencrypting information that is too difficult to encrypt today.

  • T-Minus 1 Million, And Counting in TV Board on 08/29/2013

    It's 6:13 AM EDT.One million seconds from the moment this column posted, the face of TV game shows - and possibly television as we know it -- could change forever, thanks to what clearly is one of the most ambitious TV programs ever to make it to network prime-time TV: NBC Universal's "The Million Second Quiz."

  • 'A' Is For 'Television' in TV Board on 04/22/2013

    If Apple's impact on the mobile phone industry is duplicated - even partially - when Apple enters the world of television displays, then cable and broadcast networks, as well as traditional content creators, have reason to be concerned. I'm increasingly convinced that they don't see what's coming.

  • Give Me Control Of Your Currency, And I Care Not Who Makes The Laws in MediaDailyNews on 12/20/2012

    Nielsen is acquiring Arbitron. It's also partnering with Twitter. Welcome to the Nielsen World Order.

  • 'Checking In' On TV in TV Board on 08/23/2011

    On June 24, location-based social network Foursquare trumpeted an infusion of $50 million in VC capital -- a piece of news that deservedly received the attention of hundreds of news outlets. The day earlier, however, Foursquare announced a myriad of strategic alliances, which included one with American Express, allowing users of the Foursquare mobile app to receive credits applied directly to their Amex cards when purchasing goods (after checking in) from participating Foursquare-tagged locations. The $50 million announcement quickly overshadowed the prior day's release -- but in hindsight, the Amex news will likely have much more historic value.

  • I'll Take a Sony on the Rocks... With a Nokia and RIM Chaser in Online Media Daily on 08/19/2011

    On the heels of Apple's ascendency to the market cap throne, and Google's brazen proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobile, one must ask: "Where is Microsoft?"

  • Beware The Ideas Of March in TV Board on 03/31/2011

    At last June's D8 Conference, Steve Jobs made some astute remarks about the TV industry's seemingly insurmountable roadblocks to innovation. Critics and fans alike posited that Jobs was posing as a decoy, while Apple geared up for a sneak attack into the TV space.

  • Put Down The Remote, And Step Away From The Couch in TV Board on 03/16/2011

    The virtual pages of the TV Board blog are used, from time to time, to define some of the phrases and terms unique or germane to the TV industry. Rarely, however, are these brief tutorials potentially lifesaving. Today might be different, as we discuss a phenomenon known as the "normalcy bias."

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  • Fed Offers Wrong Response To Millisecond Heist by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin on 09/27/2013)

    Brilliant. Monetary dialysis! We are awake. Who will do more than read? Who will lead?

  • Fed Offers Wrong Response To Millisecond Heist by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin on 09/27/2013)

    There are a few details concerning central banking that we fail to recognize and which are obfuscated by academia and media - the source and nature of "currency," and the mid and long term implications of usury on those who use this currency. The usury virus is embedded within it at its genesis, and like a parasite, it destroys the value of the currency over time, while giving the illusion that the currency name (dollar) is the same as its value (worth a dollar). It's truly a most diabolical alchemy!

  • Fed Offers Wrong Response To Millisecond Heist by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin on 09/27/2013)

    This is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We are drawn to focus on these details while a much larger and toxic secret looms below the surface. I can assure you with great certainty that the impact of usury - interest charged for the use of money that is created out of thin air - is far more lethal to our planet, then microseconds of advantage to those who are legally gambling on the responses of gamblers. That said, I LOVE the focus on finance and unfairness - keep up the investigation.

  • More Blurring Of TV Content And News -- Sometimes In Presidential Debates by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 10/05/2012)

    Wayne, it's been interesting to hear so many comments about body language, eye contact, facial expressions, and energy levels. I think it's a subconscious desire by viewers to IGNORE the production values, and focus on the visceral things that humans know at the deepest levels. We believe those who make good eye contact, we follow energetic people, and we draw so much out of the nuances of physicality. Watch the debate without the volume, and you will get the same general opinion as you would with it on. Let's hope producers don't start playing even more with lighting and camera angles to rob us of this last valuable bastion of perception. It speaks volumes - even with the mute button engaged...

  • A Burning Issue: When Television Goes Too Far by Ed Martin (TV Board on 08/12/2011)

    Ed, The burning of live animals and people is a practice not just limited to TV depictions. For a real wake up call, Google "Candy Apple Babies" and take a look at the fatal saline burns of millions of Americans that never had a chance to breathe, let alone watch TV. Warning - this isn't pretty... and it isn't fiction, either. This is a burning issue you won't even see on TV - and while the topic has been politicized, it doesn't deserve to be swept under the proverbial carpet. When will TV do its job to shine the light on this, and other similar forms, of incomprehensible, cruel, and fatal torture?

  • New Highbrowism: Gary Shteyngart and Paul Giamatti Hunt Cougars -- Yeah, THAT Kind by Steve Smith (VidBlog on 05/27/2011)

    Interesting use of video to promote a written work. I also enjoyed Eyevox's use of the movie trailer genre to promote the Kafka-esque parody, Meowmorphosis, seen here on You Tube:

  • Thanks, Steve by Frank Maggio (TV Board on 01/19/2011)

    Jerry, A quick note - the paragraph about the commercialization of Steve's visions, and the possibility that SOME would therefore disregard his contributions, was written specifically to acknowledge that payment has a tendency to numb emotion for many people. The column urges us to rise above the callousness - and it's good to see that you've done so. I share your sentiment entirely.

  • An Extraordinary Extradition by Mitch Oscar (TV Board on 04/20/2010)

    Eerie and brilliant, Mr. O.

  • Free Political Ads On U.S. TV? They Do It In Mexico by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 07/30/2009)

    The last thing we should risk is confusion, corruption and abuse... so let's change!

  • Jim Halpert, Whistleblower? by Frank Maggio (TV Board on 03/19/2009)

    Touche. Side note, I'm not picking on NBC. Quite frankly, I'm a fan of their content. It's just that in my personal review of the big 4, and how they deliver content online, only NBC appears to have resorted to P2P to deliver "HD" quality. I do not believe that P2P is an appropriate distribution model, particularly not when it comes with the terms of this type of licensing agreement. Very interested if NBC would weigh in.

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