When Real-Time Absolutely Positively Began Transforming Madison Avenue

Actually, it happened in the 1980s, Jon Bond recalled while introducing the “real-time” Madison Avenue panel at OMMA Global this afternoon. Bond, who co-founded Kirschenbaum & Bond and is now an editor-at-large at MediaPost, says the 80s were an important transition period, because there were still a lot of Mad Men era people lingering around, and along came this service, which changed everything: Federal Express, and all of a sudden, “You had to get all your work done by 5:00,” Bond said, adding, “You couldn’t say it was in the mail. And it hasn’t gotten any slower.”

That puts 80s era ad agency Ally & Gargano’s original branding campaign for FedEx -- “When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight” -- in new light for me. They weren’t just branding it, they were also living it.

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