Is Pandora More Popular Than YouTube?!

Did you know that, per month, Pandora streams more hours of music than YouTube streams video? So Tim Westergren, founder and Chief Strategy Officer at the streaming music service just told attendees of OMMA Global. That’s great, but not so attractive as an ad platform if no one’s looking at the service. (During his interview with Westergren, MediaPost columnist Bob Garfield admitted he rarely checks the Pandora interface while listening to music.) Luckily for Westergren, he says most users interact with Pandora “a ton.” From desktops, users have historically checked in 7 to 8 times an hour, and those number increase significantly among mobile users, Westergren said. Better yet, “We wait until you take [your phone] out of your pocket and refresh [the Pandora app] before serving you an app,” he said.

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