Buzzfeed's Wiedlin Backs 'Planned Spontaneity'

Buzzfeed CRO Andy Wiedlin said if brands can’t always be prepared to come up with the equivalent of the Oreo tweet during the Super Bowl, he said they can focus on 'planned spontaneity.’ As an example, he pointed to Tide’s ad in the last Super Bowl, which featuring Joe Montana, or at least his likeness. Wiedlin pointed out that Tide only had two weeks before the game to come up with the creative after learning the Ravens and the 49ers were in the Super Bowl. That ad, in which Montana’s image appeared as a miraculous stain on a 49er’s fan’s jersey wound up being one of the top-rated Super Bowl ads. So if you can’t move in real time, Wiedlin is big on the next best thing is the oxymoron of planned spontaneity.

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