Real time? Or just "planned spontaneity"

Speaking at the OMMA Global event, Andy Wieldin, chief revenue office of BuzzFeed, says sometimes real-time marketing is just more planned than it appears.

He says for the Super Bowl, for example, is where some advertisers have worked on producing special creative that can capitalized on what happens -- like who wins. Wieldin says his company worked with Volkswagen on just such a piece of creative last year for its “Get Happy” campaign.  Wieldin says this is “planned spontaneity.”

“Brands want to do meaningful work,” he says. “Consumers are sick of being bugged. Brands can add some value. It’s harder. And, yes, people might say it doesn’t scale.” But brands want to find engagement with consumers, he says, and   share stuff with their friends. But this only works “if you are willing to let go and stop beating people over the head.”


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