JiWire Debuts ROI Tool

Aiming to show mobile advertising actually works, location-based ad company JiWire has rolled out a new attribution tool to track in-store visits stemming from campaigns.


The company’s Location Conversion Index (LCI) aims to separate campaign-driven visits from other store traffic by measuring the rate of store visits by those served an ad against the historic rate for that target audience--say, young, urban women.


The system normalizes for seasonality and other variations in store traffic by creating a control group made up of millions of look-alike users not exposed to an ad over the same period. Following a campaign, a marketer would be able to compare the rate of visits by the exposed target audience with historical behavior for that demo, as well as the wider control group.


JiWire says a fashion retailer who used LCI for a mobile campaign this summer saw a 32% lift in store visits from exposed to the campaign compared to an identically matched group, and a 57% increase over a randomly selected general population.


The new offering leverages the company’s Location Graph technology, designed target specific audiences based on the billions of pieces of location data it has collected through its network of public Wi-Fi hotspots and third-party mobile apps.

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