A Personal Media Timeline For Perhaps All To See

Everyone can now be the single subject of a media network -- even a 24-hour network. Editing not included.

A product, first called “Memoto” and now named “Narrative” -- just a half-inch in size -- clips to your clothing and can take pictures of your life every 30 seconds using GPS technology. All day long, if need be. That’s a lot of media.

A smartphone can do much of this too. But, hey, that means you have take it out of your pocket. What if you had a device that automatically took visuals of your life, documenting almost everything -- perhaps stuff you weren’t thinking about?

Right now this is about still photos. But it’s not hard to believe such technology could soon move into short videos. A Vine-like app?

Some law enforcement departments around the country are already toying with having officers wear small cameras on their clothing -- to document an unadulterated view of the world, right or wrong.  Now other people can have the same view. An alternative view.



A life-logging media service is how the company categorizes its product.  “It is creepy and interesting,” admitted Narrative CEO Martin Kallstrom to AllThingsD.

Sounds like the perfect stuff for any TV show. Perhaps just the stuff advertisers are looking for as they continue to search high and low for the most efficient, most targeted media.

Here are some situations people suggested to Narrative about how the product could work for them:

1. Helping out parents of a kid with autism who has trouble describing what happened to him at school all day  -- with classmates signing off on this, of course.

2. Helping a man who lost his memory in an Army injury remember his days.

3. Deterring passenger harassment for a train conductor.

Is there a possibility of social, health and legal problems? Surely. Technology doesn’t always go the way we envision.

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  1. Edmund Singleton from Winstion Communications, October 5, 2013 at 4:23 a.m.

    I have some friends that would love to have their life on display 24/7 just like that television series a few years ago, as for me, a big fat, No...

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