3 Big Content Challenges And How To Tackle Them

I wasn’t at Advertising Week in New York City a few weeks ago, but I know that content creation was one of the topics that was discussed in depth. In the past few weeks since the conference, I’ve read many articles on the content marketing difficulties that agencies and brands face. In particular, there are three issues that rise to the top of the conversation:

  • Knowing the type of content that consumers want

  • Understanding how brand content is shared

  • Competing with user-created content

As a manager for both B2C and B2B content at, I know that content marketing doesn’t have to be a burden for brands. Here’s my advice on how mom-focused brands can tackle particular issues around content marketing:

Issue #1 – What type of content should I create?



The answer is simple: examine your target audience and what matters most to them. Start with some research about your customers. Go through the followers on your social networks and see the content they are commenting on and sharing. Survey a group of your consumers. Many mom-focused brands will want to ask about where mom finds ideas and news online, how she connects with brands, and her daily challenges (and her “me” time!) This research offers some insight into how your audience already receives their content and where your content can make an impact.

Issue #2 – How is my content being shared?

Great content is creative. However, to be successful, you will need to be methodical, too. Employ tracking URLs on all content and use tags for specific campaigns and sources. Google Analytics offers helpful tools that will quickly provide actionable insight. In addition, take advantage of hashtags. Encourage your consumers to use a specific hashtag each time they post your content or about your brand. Not only will you be able to see the ongoing conversation, but also new consumers will catch on and join the exchange.

Issue #3 – How do I keep up with my consumers creating their OWN content?

Social media like Instagram and Pinterest have turned consumers into content creators themselves. This is a good thing for brands. We get an inside look into what moms care enough about to Retweet, Like, and Share. Ten years ago (even only five years ago!) brands only received access to this information through costly focus groups and research studies. Even though there are tons of pictures and articles shared all over the web, don’t worry about the volume of content your consumers create. Comment on and share some of their pins and posts that other moms will enjoy. Be engaged, use it to your advantage, and learn from it.

A recent study by Skyword found that 46% of marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. Whether you’re a one-woman content creation machine or apart of a large marketing team, build a content plan that includes research on your audience, dedicated time and resources to distribute and a schedule to keep you on track. A documented plan will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and ensure your content is relevant to your audience. To get started, check out this recent blog post with 12 stats on how moms consume content from brands.

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