Sniff 'N Smack: LG Mobile Banners Sniff Out And Talk Performance Smack To Your Current Smartphone

  • by October 21, 2013
It’s great to discover more and more brand marketers beginning to leverage addressable or smart advertising: the ability to serve customized messages to different audiences at different times in different locations.  It really isn’t that hard, and it’s actually something that’s been around for quite a while.  It’s just that most upper-funnel marketers continue to prefer pushing their awareness message to as many eyeballs as possible while leaving the more challenging  “activation” work to their lower-funnel digerati to wrestle with, in a world of dismal CTRs.  

From this creative’s perspective, there really are compelling creative opportunities to drive measureable ROI using dynamic messaging – it’s surprising more creative agencies are too lazy to try it.  That’s why it was so refreshing to discovering this simple LG mobile banner campaign: creative messaging that changes based on the type of phone you’re carrying.

Not that these units represent a breakthrough in the traditionally challenged tap-and-swipe mobile ad units that have most creatives and users yearning for more.  What’s interesting is how personalization of messaging is finally beginning to move from the basic simplicity of site sign-in-based “Welcome Back, Alan” to real-time mobile-based messaging served in a manner that shines a light on things to come: dynamic creative messaging written by copywriters, not algorithms, served at scale.

As a means of promoting its new G2 smartphone features, in this campaign, LG leverages smart use of hardware recognition to talk performance smack to the phone you’re carrying.  If you’re a Samsung Galaxy user, banner copy sniffs you out and asks, “Waiting for your Galaxy to catch up?”  

HTC smart phone owners get served a banner that reads,  "Tired of charging your HTC One? Try the LG G2 with 30% longer battery life.”  And for all the Apple iPhone narrow screen users, there’s a really small type banner ad that reads, "Hard to read this on your iPhone? Check the new G2 with 5.2" FHD IPS display.”

LG may never reach the scale in handsets that Apple and Samsung have, but its new G2 line is certainly nothing to ignore. And what might make these products even more thought-provoking is when they start talking smack in your face, your purse or your pocket.  Score one for smart creative messaging.

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