TV's Emotional "Pull" for Viewers... and Brands

For some time now NewMediaMetrics has been looking at various emotional attachment to find success of TV shows.

Now it wants to take a step back -- looking at the creation of TV shows in the development stage.

“We don’t need to look at a pilot,” says Gary Reisman, chief executive officer/co-founder of NewMediaMetrics, speaking at the MediaPost’s Video Insider Summit. Reisman can now look to concepts and ideas. He says: “Over eight years we looked at 166 TV shows. We were able to predict shows that will be renewed.”

Reisman talks about “pull”  being key here -- content that is pulls in viewers, now through a number of devices.

The company’s new effort is “The content investment marketplace.”

Key for advertisers is getting their “pull” when attached to a TV show: “Not only do we get the pull of the content, but the pull of a the brand.”

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