Google Glass Auctioned On eBay Despite Google Policy

Google's strict policy prohibiting Google Glass Explorers from reselling the wearable technology continues to make little impact on those seeking to financially benefit from the device. A few have been spotted on eBay, along with Google invitations that allow Explorers to invite three friends to purchase a pair.

A pair of charcoal-colored eyewear went up for bid on eBay, with an asking price of $5,049 or best offer. As of Tuesday there were three offers, but there are others similar in price for sale. There are several ranging in price from about $1,500 up. For those looking to grab the next version, there are program invitations, also known as friend invites -- some that cost about $750.

On Google's FAQ landing page, the company states: "Please don't sell, rent, or otherwise make a profit off the device. That's not allowed, nor is it in the Explorer spirit." Google also states that any modifications to Glass without the manufacturer’s approval may void the user’s authority to operate the specs. Clearly, some Glass Explorers are not paying attention to the rules.

Rob Garner, Google Glass Explorer and chief strategy officer at Advice Interactive Group, said the Glass he saw for sale on eBay sold for $2,000, but heard of another selling for $6,000. "They're selling Glass with no guarantee they'll work," he said. "If Google finds out that the person using them isn't the person who originally bought them they would shut it down," he said. "It runs on Android, so Google could deactivate the account."

Aside from the physical pair of glasses, Explorers have put their Google Glass Explorer Friend Invites up for auction on eBay. Explorers can invite up to three friends to join the program, paying $1,500 per pair. They now come in multiple colors.

Google made other upgrades too, allowing consumers to wear prescription frames along with Glass. Explorers who purchased a device before Oct. 28 can swap their old pair for a new one, which includes a mono earbud.

Google did not respond to request for comment on the eBay auctions.

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