Programmatic Buying Drives More Advanced Targeting In Video Campaigns

The explosive growth in programmatic buying is driving a rapid increase in advanced targeting in video ads. The number of ads with more precise audience insight targeting rose 19% quarter over quarter, according to a Videology report  analyzing more than 2.7 million online impressions run through its platform in the third quarter.

In addtion to the quarterly growth Videology saw, advanced targeted has risen year over year. About two-thirds of online video campaigns that Videology runs now include advanced targeting beyond age and gender such as purchase behavior, up from one-third a year ago  according to a Beet.TV report.

Of the ads that included advanced targeting, Videology said about 54% were targeted based on behavior, about 38% on geography and 8% on daypart. Videology also studied specific performance in a case study for auto ads and found that consumers exposed to geographically targeted auto ads were 50% to 60% more likely to purchase that car versus a control group. What’s more, when purchase behavior data was added, the likelihood of buying rose by 160%.

This use of sophisticated targeting should keep growing, thanks to the boon in audience-based buying. Earlier this year, Forrester said that real-time buying accounted for about 25% of online video ad spend, or about $1.14 billion, up from $686 million the year before.

Consumer packaged goods continues to be the dominant segment in online video spending, with a 36% video ad share. The number of telecom ads in the third quarter doubled, representing a growing category, Videology said.

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