Programmatic Buys Have Transparency Issues

  • November 20, 2013

Digital ad standards continue to be tough to come by for marketers, media agencies and publishers.

As OMMA RTB Seattle moderator, Kevin Ryan, chief executive officer/founder of Motivity Marketing, notes: “It took 13 years to define a click.” But the problems with transparency as it pertains to programmatic buys can be worse -- such as what margins publishers and media agencies are getting from their deals.

“As the percentage of programmatic goes up, procurement [at the clients] will get involved,” says Eric Picard, chief executive officer/founder, Rare Crowds. “It’s inevitable.” It’s is going to be the standard to talk about margins and other financial details, says Picard.

Clients may want deeper transparency -- but they have to be prepared. Nicole Scaglione, director of advertising solutions, OpenX, says: “They could get thousands of lines of data. Are they ready for that?”

Long-term, other programmatic transparency issues will be raised, such as those who buy direct buy display ads, says Picard.

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