Giving Mom A True Gift This Season

Tis’ the season for big spending—from electronic and toy companies to hardware and craft stores, retailers are doing their very best to help Mom and her family get the most out of this holiday season. But, what if your business doesn’t have traditional “holiday finds” such as clothing, jewelry and toys? Instead of just offering gift cards and throwing up a few snowflakes on your front window display, think of new ways you can help Mom during this festive and busy season. Here are a few ideas for some non-traditional holiday industries:

Tutoring Services: While the world appears to be basking in the glow of holiday fun, for many high school and college students December also means final exams. If you are a tutoring service, offer special rates or tutoring times during these first few weeks of December or consider publishing online study guides for key subjects such as math that moms can quickly download in an effort to keep kids focused. 



Restaurants: Yes, the obvious holiday connection is opening up your facility to large family gatherings and even work-related events. However, during December weekdays, moms are busy trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done in between holiday music programs and gift buying. Offer special “take home” dinner options that allow her to take at least one thing off her regular to-do list. 

Automotive: We are not suggesting Mom would like an oil change for Christmas, but Mom would like to make sure her car is ready for holiday travel. Offer special holiday travel tune-ups and services, consider extending your hours to match those of local shops—even offering to drop Mom off at the mall for some last-minute shopping while her car is being checked. 

Healthcare: In an effort to make sure sickness and injuries do not make it to this year’s family celebration, have your facility offer “healthy travel packs” for your patients as they head out for holiday travel (include first aid basics such as bandages and antiseptic wipes) or provide them with tips for healthy eating options. Consider hosting a family exercise class during your non-office hours—it’s a great way for Mom to get the kids out of the house and moving.

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