Google Forges Ahead, To Let Traders Buy Based On Viewability

Just weeks after the Media Rating Council (MRC) announced it will lift its viewability advisory in Q1 2014, officially backing its use as a digital currency, Google has jumped on the opportunity -- albeit a bit sooner than the MRC anticipated. Google has given marketers the option to bid and pay only for ad impressions that are measured as viewable.

The Viewable CPM bid strategy uses the definition of viewability that has become widely accepted: when 50% of an ad is shown for a second or longer.

Google calls it a "viewable CPM bid strategy," which means marketers bid on 1,000 impressions and only pay for slots that are viewable. The "bids are optimized to favor ad slots that are more likely to become viewable," according to Google's information page on the new strategy. However, Google warns eager marketers that "your bid for your viewable CPM might need to be higher than your bid for a standard CPM campaign."



Adweek calls the move "huge," noting the size of Google's Display Ad Network and the fact that anything Google does is influential. Eric Franchi, co-founder and chief evangelist of Undertone, agrees. He regards the move by Google as one "that can accelerate change in the market."

While Franchi does think it could light a fire under other networks or exchanges to follow suit, he believes the real question is whether or not they push ahead despite the MRC advisory to wait.

Either way, Franchi thinks marketers are ready for this type of buying flexibility. "Assuming Google makes a push in market, I think they are going to see a lot of interest," he remarked. "Marketers love the concept of viewability, and rightfully so."

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  1. Nick Frankl from Adconion Direct, December 12, 2013 at 4:34 p.m.

    This is a great model! Not a fit for everything, but it's crazy not to utilize for an awareness campaign maximizing reach and already optimizing towards in-view ads. Didn't see it on their site, so I'll be interest to hear who they use to verify the viewability of each ad.

  2. Nick Frankl from Adconion Direct, December 12, 2013 at 4:50 p.m.


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