3 Ways To Share Your Passion In 2014

If your organization supports sustainability and a commitment to earth-friendly practices, the start of a New Year is a good time to reignite your company’s positioning and adherence to making the world a better place. The collective social consciousness is expanding as customers seek out products and services that are aligned with their desire to "do their bit" for the environment and be good corporate citizens. Content marketing is one of the best ways to let stakeholders know how your company or brand is doing to support “green.” This includes an editorial approach that puts a priority on powerful content and identifies the best channels for placement of that content.

Looking for additional inspiration? The following are three examples of how to share your passion for green marketing in 2014:

Develop a brand with loyalty beyond price

These changes in social consciousness are fueling an  approach to brand marketing that focuses on developing a greener feel and look for a brand purchase that instills loyalty beyond price. Such a holistic approach rewards both the top line and bottom line.  Look at the success of Whole Foods, the largest natural foods grocer in the US. The company actively leverages its position as a leader in sustainability through many things including extensive responsible packaging, waste management and local sourcing programs. Future plans include opening 38 new stores in fiscal 2014 after opening an impressive 32 in 2013. 

Be Approachable, Yet Committed

Today’s customers are increasingly looking for service and satisfaction in different, non traditional ways. Toyota’s Together Green program is a collaborative effort between the Audubon Society and Toyota, which promotes conservation and Innovation. The multi-tiered program has trained and empowered community leaders and individuals in all fifty states to reduce energy use, protect wildlife habitat and improve water quality.  At its core, Together Green is a grassroots initiative that provides opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities to participate in conservation and at the same time, showcases Toyota’s commitment to sustainability, which is detailed in the company’s annual environmental report

Lighten up your message by providing a sense of spirit and personality

One of the most creative and lively social responsibility campaigns is Volkswagen’s The Fun Theory, which encourages change within its customers as an extension of its core brand values—innovation and fun. On The Fun Theory website, contributors from across the globe share their innovative ideas related to efficient, cleaner living and conservation. Example: to motivate the public to recycle more, the Bottle Bank Arcade was invented to turn recycling plastic into an interactive game experience. 

When developing any initiative, it’s always important to be true to what your brand stands for and listen carefully to what your customers want and need. A big budget is not always the holy grail either. If you know your target audience, you may even do something more effective by creating a program that reaches children and parents through a school setting or, perhaps by supporting an environmental initiative right in your community. As your success grows, so can your program.

What are your 2014 content marketing resolutions? Please share them with me here!

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