Ad Execs Rate Meredith No. 1 Media Company - Again

Meredith ranked as the No. 1 media brand among the top 29 media companies rated by advertisers and agency executives during 2013, according to ad industry customer satisfaction and perception researcher Advertiser Perceptions Inc. It’s the second time Meredith has ranked No. 1 in the last four years, and the rating is a composite of individual key metrics such as overall “brand strength,” “sales knowledge,” “customer service” and “advertiser satisfaction.”

Google ranked No. 1 in 2012, ABC Television Network was No. 1 in 2011, and Meredith was No. 1 in 2010.

“Meredith’s use of research-based insights including innovative programs such as the ‘Meredith Sales Guarantee,’ and focus on solution-based strategies that leverage their broad base of media assets to drive ROI for marketers was key to their strong performance in this year’s study,” stated Ken Pearl, CEO, Advertiser Perceptions.



Top rankings for individual media categories and criteria follow below:  

Advertiser Perceptions: Top-Rated Media Brands


People (Brand Strength)

Good Housekeeping (Sales Knowledge)

Parents (Customer Service)

Food Network Magazine (Advertiser Satisfaction)

Digital Content (Brand Strength) (Sales Knowledge) (Customer Service) (Advertiser Satisfaction)

Digital Portals / Social

Facebook (Brand Strength)

Yahoo (Sales Knowledge)

Yahoo (Customer Service)

AOL (Advertiser Satisfaction)

Digital Ad Networks

Google (Brand Strength)

Specific Media (Sales Knowledge)

Collective (Customer Service)

Tremor Video (Advertiser Satisfaction)


ESPN (Brand Strength)

Food Network, HGTV (tied) (Sales Knowledge)

CNN (Customer Service)

Bravo (Advertiser Satisfaction)


YouTube (Brand Strength)

The Weather Channel (Sales Knowledge)

CNN (Customer Service)

ESPN (Advertiser Satisfaction)

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