StarGreetz Personalizes Video Messages For Major Marketers

With media becoming more plentiful -- and fractionalize -- many believe that more personalized approaches to advertising are coming -- especially with a potential customer’s name.

Gleaning cookie data from Facebook, Twitter and other databases, StarGreetz, a new digital advertising creative company, helps marketers make personalized video at the beginning of digital video commercials with on-air talent, such as Deion Sanders for DirecTV and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch for Toyota, offering personalized greetings to buy products/services.

The cloud-based platform helps marketers personalize video messages on the Internet and mobile via email, Facebook, Twitter, Web sites, point of purchase, print, outdoor, robo-calling, display and video ads. 

Clients include Kraft, Dell Computer, DirecTV, Guthy-Renker, The CW, ABC Television Network, Sirius XM, General Mills, McDonalds, Univision and Hulu Plus.

Former longtime Warner Bros. Television executive Eric Frankel, founder and chief executive of StarGreetz, says:  “Traditional advertising builds awareness. What we do it personalize that commercial. We engage, activate and generate revenue.” StarGreetz can do real-time video and audio editing of almost any creative, says Frankel. It has 100 patents pending that cover an array of digital media executions.

Its technology can help marketers personalize to some 1,250 different first names -- that’s about 80% of all first names in the U.S. On-air talent records those names, or other personalized data, via short, separate close-up video, which can then be edited on the beginning of a general video advertisement.

Recently, StarGreetz has been working with just-aired Super Bowl commercials and personalizing video digitally for T-Mobile, Beats and Maserati.

Overall, Frankel says response rates from these personalized messages is significantly higher than other advertising.  He says clients' “open rates” have been 50% to 81% higher; with click-through rates up 73%; there is an 75% improvement on video play through completion; 32% higher conversion rates, 38% better share rates, and 400% to 900% increased Facebook feedback.

Frankel says brands typically pay $20,000 to $100,000 a month, depending on how many messages they get. They can sign up for a three-month test.



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