Sinclair Broadcast Revs Climb 32%

Sinclair Broadcast Group pulled in better revenues from its fourth-quarter reporting period -- but operating income suffered as a result of lower political advertising revenues versus the fourth quarter of 2012.

Due to the stronger presidential election year in 2012, political revenues in the fourth quarter of 2013 suffered from poor comparisons -- down to $6.7 million versus $54.1 million.

However, overall broadcast revenues from continuing operations climbed 32.3% to $382 million during the period, while operating income slipped 13.3% to $103.3 million.

Sinclair says local broadcast revenues -- which includes advertising business and retrans fees -- climbed 58%. National broadcast revenues -- which include primarily advertising revenues -- were down 14.2%.

Sinclair recognized some major station acquisitions during the period. Looking at same station results -- and excluding political advertising -- local revenues were up 10.8%, with national revenues off 3.1%.

Major growth advertising categories for the station group included automotive, medical, grocery, home entertainment and home products. Headed in the other direction, retail, direct response, telecommunications and restaurants were down.

David Smith, president/chief executive officer of Sinclair Broadcast Group, stated: “During the year, we closed on the purchase of 63 television stations and added over $1 billion in assets, which contributed $148.4 million in revenues in 2013.”



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