Rock-Solid Ways Brands Can Connect

It can be a challenge for brands to reach busy moms who are exposed to many messages each day — from emails and online advertising to TV commercials and beyond. To stand out, brands must fine-tune their messaging to resonate with what moms truly value. 

Moms possess real purchasing power within the household — they spend nearly $200 billion per year on groceries and food purchases alone. While moms typically choose which brands their families use, these household CEOs may not have much free time to research all of the options available. That’s why brand messaging must connect with moms on a meaningful level that ultimately results in a purchase. 

To ensure messaging not only reaches busy moms, but also connects with them, brands must focus on what matters most to moms and understand why it matters. What do moms value? What will grab their attention? 



Here are three rock-solid strategies brands can use reach today’s busy mom:

1. Put family first: There are few things that the busy mom values more than extra time to spend with loved ones. Brand messaging that centers on themes like quality family time and upholding traditions can really resonate with on-the-go moms. Help her make more time for these family moments, and win her brand loyalty.

2. Be a trusted resource: While it’s widely known that moms trust other moms for recommendations, it’svery possible for brands to position themselves as a trusted resource. Be strategic about what type of information your brand can provide to busy moms then ask yourself “why does it matter to moms?” Through high-quality content marketing, brands can offer useful information that makes moms lives easier. A recent article sheds some light on 15 brands that successfully utilize content marketing. Topics can range from meal planning solutions to the latest birthday party trends.

3. Provide excellent support: Busy moms don’t have the time to waste on brands that don’t value customer support. Whether it’s email support for a website issue or phone support about a product exchange, moms will be loyal to brands that can handle their issues in a timely and courteous way. If you go above and beyond to address their needs, you’ll have a customer for life! 

Brands that connect with moms on a deeper level are the ones that will build brand loyalty with this critical audience. Make moms’ life easier or resonate with their core values to make them stop and take notice. This happens at various touch points from the initial brand campaigns to engagement with your content and your products and even during interactions with customer service. 

In a time when 91% of women (many of them mothers) feel that advertisers don’t understand them, it’s important to reevaluate what you’re doing and understand why it matters to moms.

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  1. bob kincey from marketing & passion, February 24, 2014 at 12:17 p.m.

    Hi Amie,
    Could you kindly provide your source for the "91% of women (many of them mothers) feel that advertisers don’t understand them"?
    Thank you kindly,
    Bob Kincey

  2. Amie Reardon from Punchbowl, February 24, 2014 at 4:48 p.m.

    Hi Bob,

    I have seen this stat several places lately - one example is here:

    I hope you found the article useful!

    Take care,

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