Swoosh: Reebok Just Redid It, Flexes New Delta

There are few categories where brand marks represent more than in athletic footwear, so when one of the fitness giants redoes it, it's kind of big news, and Reebok just redid its. Called the "Delta," the new triangular mark replaces the Reebok brand's old three intersecting slashes. The change, says Reebok CMO Matt O'Toole, seems reminiscent of a chief rival's: to inspire people to get off their couches and become less "sedentary."

"We believe the benefits of an active life go beyond the physical benefits and impacts your whole self and your relationships with others," he says in a statement announcing the change. Reebok  "It is our symbol of change - an invitation to take part, and to unlock your true potential. It's not a logo, it's a symbol…a way of life."

Go ahead, watch for yourself -- just do it.



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  1. Dan Totten from Boston Globe , March 4, 2014 at 1:22 p.m.

    Looks like an old 45 record disc insert. I do know I won't be buying anything with THAT logo on it anytime soon.

  2. Heywood Jablomie from Villarossa, March 5, 2014 at 11:51 a.m.

    I understand their strategy and conceptual development -- it's nice enough. But a total break from the past? Not even a nucleotide sequence from their old brand DNA to help spark recognition? They just have money to burn. And okay, if we are forced to accept this decision to completely start from scratch, why go with such an aesthetically unappealing symbol? The story they weave behind it ("change" and "three sides" etc...) is somewhat compelling, but does not justify choosing such an ugly logo (and yes, sorry, but it is still just a logo). Good luck with your new job search next year CMO.

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