RTB Ads Lead To Twice As Many Click-Throughs Overseas

Overseas, Russia touts the highest click-through rate for ads served via real-time bidding (RTB) with 0.44%. Romania (0.42%) and the Czech Republic (0.40%) have the second and third-highest click-through rates, respectively.

The data comes from RTB House, a tech agency. The study is not all-inclusive, as it only looked at the 30 countries RTB House currently operates in. However, the company claims to buy 2.5 billion ads per month for its clients.

Turkey, at 0.38%, and Ukraine, with 0.37%, round out the top five.

While these figures seem low, the company claims they are significantly higher than ads served via “standard solutions,” meaning not RTB. In some cases ads served via RTB see a click-through rate twice as high, according to RTB House.

“The results show an average CTR for standard solutions in Romania is 0.21% and Czech Republic at 0.14%,” stated RTB House’s business development director Maciek Mikolajczak.

Among European cities, London had the highest click-through rate at 0.39% followed by Madrid (0.38%) and Rome (0.37%).



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  1. Richard Bennett from ImServices, March 7, 2014 at 5:53 p.m.

    So how do these rates change when the clicks are counted per the current IAB click measurement standards? That is, after filtering out the bots!

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