TV Viewers Heed Social-Media Buzz, Not Apps

Social-media buzz is slowly having an influence over TV viewers' program choices -- but less from specific social TV media apps.

Nearly 29% of respondents say they watch a TV show or movie because of the buzz is gets on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, per Digitalsmiths, a video discovery company that surveyed 3,140 customers ages 18 years and older in the fourth quarter of 2013.

About 13% of people who have a smartphone or tablet have downloaded one or more social media TV/entertainment apps — with Shazam getting the most activity.

When asked which of the following social TV apps they downloaded on a mobile device, Shazam registered a 8.7% number, followed by Viggle, 2%; GetGlue, at 1.3%; BuddyTV at 1.1%; and 0.9% for IntoNow; 0.7% for Miso; 0.7% for Blowfish, and 0.6% for Zeebox.

Still, 87.3% said they didn’t have any of these social TV apps on their devices.

When it comes to particular social-media TV/entertainment apps that are downloaded, 50.3% said they rarely or never use their downloaded social TV apps. At the same time, 43.2% said they rarely or never use their TV network apps and 29.5% said they rarely/never use their content discovery apps.

In other research, over 88% of respondents said they watched the same TV channels over and over again, with 80.3% saying they watch 10 or fewer channels. Almost 31% said they were “overwhelmed” by the number of channels offered by their TV providers



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  1. Mark Osborne from CitizenNet, March 12, 2014 at 2 p.m.

    Nice article - we presented a White Paper on the topic of Facebook engagement and TV viewership last May - the blog post is here

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