MyBuys Puts Money Where Mouth Is With New Display Ad Platform

MyBuys, a personalized display and email retargeting company ad, on Monday announced the general availability of MyAds, a new display advertising platform. MyAds has been beta tested by over 100 retailers over the past few months. 

The new platform is meant to help advertisers acquire and reactivate customers, and retarget them. 

Bob Cell, the company's CEO, spoke with RTM Daily about the platform. He said that MyBuys puts its money where its mouth is, purchasing inventory on behalf of clients and only charging if a consumer makes a purchase. He claims MyBuys is 100% transparent with its clients.

 “We think CPM and CPC don’t mean a hoot, especially when consumers are changing devices,” he said. “We want to track individual consumers across screens.”

MyBuys uses a probabilistic targeting method called “look-alike modeling,” meaning they find consumers that behave like ones they have already seen.



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  1. Chris Nosky from The Marketing Grid, March 26, 2014 at 11 a.m.

    We're working with a display advertising technology that is 600x more granular than geo-targeting and uses CPM that tracks across every device from smart phones, tablets, pc's and laptops. We target the modem and are not reliant on cookies, meaning we have nearly 100% reach to anyone in the online world. An average cluster is around 4-10 households and we do this in any real time bidding enabled environment. There isn't anything else out there that works at such a high degree of segmentation.

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