UPS Focusing On 'Shifted' Consumers

Mobile is changing the very shape of our brains as we constantly check our cell phones for new message and come to expect a steady stream of incoming information. That’s at least according to Rob Russell, Director, Social, Mobile, & Digital Communications, UPS, citing neuroplasticity research in a keynote at the OMMA Atlanta conference Thursday.

The effect of our increasingly mobile-molded minds means ever heavier demands on the shipping giant for efficient, on-time delivery and services. Russell described 22% of consumers as having made this mobile shift, with its customers having double that proportion of “shifted” consumers. That’s especially because such a large amount of its volume comes from e-commerce.

For brands, all of that means these consumers now have the equivalent of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which one level include things like saving them time and money, and at a higher level include simplifying their interactions, remembering them when they come back, be entertaining (singing UPS guys?) and giving them status. “A lot of 'shifters’ are expecting brands to deliver in this second tier,” explained Russell.


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