Epom Raises $7 Mil To Enter U.S., Partners With 10 DSPs

Epom, a Ukraine-based ad management platform, recently announced it has acquired $7 million from private investors. 

The money came from the three original founders of Epom, including CEO Anton Ruin. The other two founders don’t participate in the development of Epom and have remained anonymous.

The company, which has its own real-time bidding (RTB) platform, will use the money to open a new office in the U.S. No location is official as lease papers have no yet been signed, but Epom is eyeing the West Coast. Serg Kopitkowski, senior sales manager, will lead the company from its new office.

To strengthen its RTB platform, Epom has also partnered with 10 demand-side platforms (DSPs). Live traffic is “expected next month.”

Casale Media, Creafi, MdotM, and MeltDSP are four of the DSPs Epom has partnered with. The names of the other six were not revealed. However, a company representative said the four named DSPs “are the largest” Epom is partnered with at this time.

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