BrightRoll Taps Moat, Brings Viewability Measurement To Platform

The aftershocks of the Media Rating Council’s recent decision to lift its viewability advisory are still being felt. BrightRoll, a programmatic video ad platform, on Thursday announced a partnership with Moat which will bring viewability measurement and reporting to its console.

Moat is an MRC-accredited vendor, and is the first viewability measurement company to be fully integrated into the BrightRoll platform.

However, this is not BrightRoll’s first foray into the land of viewability. The company was a founding partner of the OpenVV group, which launched nearly one year ago. The OpenVV group provides an open source tool to let video advertisers measure viewability.

“BrightRoll has been committed to viewability for over a year and works with a number of third-party measurement companies to provide independent viewability reporting on campaigns run through our platform,” said Tim Avila, SVP of marketing operations.

Avila said the company has previously worked with a number of viewability vendors, including Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, Vindico, comScore and Innovid.

None of those companies have their tech baked into BrightRoll’s platform like Moat's will be, though. Avila said those partners are integrated on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

“The difference with this announcement is that we have now integrated Moat’s measurement data into our console,” Avila said. The company intends to include Moat’s viewability metrics across the board — from planning through reporting. Additionally, its clients will have access to Moat’s tools at no extra cost.

The Moat partnership is just the first viewability-related deal BrightRoll hopes to strike.

“We expect to announce several additional viewability partner integrations into our platform,” Avila said.

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