TransUnion, Rocket Fuel Team To Power Financial Service Campaigns On And Offline

Rocket Fuel on Tuesday announced a partnership with TransUnion that will put its artificial intelligence to work both on and offline.

TransUnion works with financial service institutes that offer insurance, credit card and/or loan products. TransUnion has partnered with Rocket Fuel to help those financial service firms with their digital ad campaigns in an effort to boost consumer action.

“Marketers typically measure digital success solely on online responses, yet online key performance indicators do not provide the full picture,” stated Steve Chaouki, head of financial services for TransUnion.

The two companies have put their heads together to create a platform they say allows marketers to view campaign performance across all channels -- including offline.

Per a Rocket Fuel representative: “TransUnion works with financial service institutions to collect activity at different stages of the consumer journey -- filling out an application, opening an account, etc.” The company also tracks consumer activity at different “touchpoints,” such as online, in-branch or through a call center.



The rep said Rocket Fuel comes into the picture to match the above activity with advertising done through Rocket Fuel’s platform. Once the advertisements are linked to specific consumer actions, Rocket Fuel says its AI automatically adjusts campaign delivery to increase consumer activation.

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