ReactX Ends Beta, Lets Publishers Sell 'High Impact, Custom' Ads Via RTB

ReactX on Wednesday announced online publishers can now sell “high impact, custom” ads via real-time bidding (RTB).

The company last month gave buyers the ability to buy this type of inventory via RTB, but a company rep said the suppliers of the inventory had been working in beta until now. The company has ended the beta and now any supplier can sell their custom ads via RTB.

“High impact, custom” ads in this case are digital ads such as page takeovers, peel down or video overlays.

“Readers are inherently attracted to engaging, rich and dynamic content,” stated Chip Meyers, CEO of ReactX. “The same holds true for digital advertising.”

ReactX says its technology can be integrated into platforms on either side of the equation -- “supply-side platforms” or “demand-side platforms” -- or directly into ad exchanges.

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