Hulu Nabs Netflix Exec To Lead Marketing Blitz

During a recent NewFront event, Hulu promised to triple its content marketing spend over the next year. To lead the effort, Hulu just poached Jenny Wall from rival Netflix.

As SVP and head of marketing at Hulu, Wall will be expected to oversee the strategy behind, and implementation of, the marketing blitz.

“Most importantly, [Wall] will focus on building overall ‘brand love,’ giving consumers a reason to come to Hulu and make it part of their daily lives,” Mike Hopkins, Hulu CEO, explained on a blog post published on Tuesday. 

Beyond "brand love," Hulu declined to elaborate on the forthcoming marketing effort on Tuesday.   



During her year-and-a-half stint at Netflix, Wall is credited with spearheading the company’s “Watch Responsibly” brand campaign, along with launch campaigns for “House of Cards,” “Orange is the New Black,” and other original programs. 

Hulu is trying desperately to develop original programs on par with the highly successful and critically-acclaimed "House of Cards."  

During Hulu’s recent NewFront presentation, Hopkins said Hulu Plus had officially surpassed 6 million subscribers, but he had no original smash hits to speak of. 

Partly as a result, some analysts remain on the fence about Hulu's future. 

“Hulu launched more than 20 originals in 2013 and stated that it plans to double that number over the next few years, but it did not seem like any of these series generated the type of buzz that Netflix's originals did in 2013 and that HBO’s series have been doing for decades," Morgan Stanley analyst Scott Devitt noted in a recent report.

Worse yet, while IDC recently estimated that Hulu had a 1.1% share of the digital ad marketplace, the research firm said it expected that share “to stagnate or even decline going forward.”

The Information, meanwhile, recently painted a particularly bleak picture of Hulu. Along with “executive turmoil and mixed messages about the site’s direction,” the co-venture’s board recently killed a major project in the late states of development, the online publication reported.


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