Making The Case For Instagram

While Facebook remains the 800-pound gorilla of social media marketing, photo-sharing network Instagram has the potential to outstrip its parent company. That’s according to Michoel Ogince, Director, Platform & Product Strategy, Big Fuel Communications, who made the case for Instagram in a presentation at OMMA Social.

Citing a study looking at seven brands from social analytics firm Zuum, Ogince said Instagram has 3.6 times the number of engagements as Facebook, a community ratio a hundred times higher, and is gaining fans five times faster than Facebook. The key, he says, is the emotional connection that Instagram affords by emphasizing images over text. “We learned to see before we could read,” notes Ogince.

He also laid out some best practices for the platform, pointing out that nights and weekends are the best times to post on Instagram, and that one or two high-quality posts a day is better than a constant stream of less memorable ones. Remaining authentic and highlighting “passion points” beyond the brand itself in posts is also important. 

With Instagram rolling out advertising only about six months ago, one drawback is that the platform doesn’t make it easy to track return on investment from all the engagement it’s driving. Ogince said brands are increasingly trying to go beyond interaction metrics to see how social marketing is driving actual sales. 

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  1. Doug Schumacher from Zuum, May 20, 2014 at 3:27 p.m.


    Nice summary of Michoel's presentation. Appreciate the mention.

    Just wanted to clarify that our company name is Zuum :)

    URL is for anyone interested.


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