Do Marketers Have Place In Mobile Messaging Apps?

At least one OMMA Mobile speaker had said earlier that marketers had “no place” in mobile messaging apps. But obviously “these panelists have a different point of view,” said MediaPost’s Steve Smith, introducing “Butting In? Do Marketers Have A Welcome Place In The Messaging App Space?” -- which included representatives from both Tango and Skype.

When we think of messaging apps, “we don’t think first of marketers, we think of audiences,” said David Rosenberg, Managing Partner at IPG Media Lab. "We look at, what behaviors are going on there?"  Noticing that music was one of the top five things people were looking for on Kik, especially for Sony Music artists One Direction, IPG and Sony built a One Direction Kik card where users could, for example, buy albums.

Linda Thomas, Digital and Social Media Director for the Philadelphia Eagles, explained how social strategists at the team took a similar approach with another app. “We were goofing around on SnapChat and figured, we love this so much, why don’t we see if we can do this with our brand?” Determined to be “fan-centric,” Thomas and her team created a SnapChat section that provided a behind-the-scenes look at ballplayers off the field “at the cafeteria, having pictures taken,” said Thomas. Though app users numbered only 30,000 or so (much smaller than, say, the team's millions of fans on Facebook) that group garnered “huge” engagement rates of “between 42 and 56%.”

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