A Call-to-Action To Help Latinos/as Achieve Their American Dream

Latinos believe deeply in the American Dream. Our parents, grandparents or ourselves have come to this country in pursuit of it. We are also more optimistic than non-Latinos as it relates to our belief in being able to achieve it. 

After living for 17 years in the U.S., I have been deeply inspired by the stories, the struggles and triumphs of many Latinos and their children that are pursuing their dreams of a better life for their families in the U.S. I have talked to many Latinos and Latinas about their dreams and their journeys to pursue it. I learned about their aspirations and the barriers that lay between them and their dreams. 

Our dreams are different than non-Latinos. Again and again I heard that Latinos dreams revolved around securing a better future for their families, building their entrepreneurial business and controlling their own destiny. We work very hard to fund the education of their kids we believe in giving back and supporting our parents financially. We try to avoid debt as much as possible and strive to try to build wealth to secure our later years.



I learned that always the core of the American dream of all the Latinos and Latinas that shared their dreams with me was achieving a brighter future for their families. 

A future filled with prosperity, the freedom to spend more time with their families and the ability to own their own businesses.

I also learned that many times standing in the way of their dreams was a lack of access to inspiration, mentorship, business advice and tools from successful Latino- and Latina-inspired role models. 

Many dreams are going unrealized and the incredible potential of millions is not being maximized. I have realized that my mission is to do my part in helping Latino and Latinas achieve their American dreams of securing a better future for their families and growing their entrepreneurial businesses. This is why I felt it was not only important but essential that I start Logra tu Dream to help remove these barriers and inspire others to join the movement. is a podcast and an online platform to help Latinos and Latinas achieve their American Dream. I interview successful Latino and some Latin-inspired entrepreneurs and leaders who share their stories to inspire, mentor and provide business advice to Latinos and Latinas to help them get closer to their dreams.

I envision a future in which millions of Latinos and Latinas fully realize their potential and achieve their dreams in this country. A future in which they are much more widely recognized by the mainstream for their talent, their achievement and their tremendous contribution to our society. 

After all there are already 53 million of us living in the U.S.; we represent 56% of U.S. population growth. Latinos are forecasted to be 30% of U.S. population by 2060, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. 

Latino culture offers some of the most fascinating, beautiful and flavorful inspiration in the world. It is also having a tremendous influence on mainstream America which is adopting Latin inspired food, music, products and culture at a rapid rate. Across industries companies are investing billions to persuade us to buy their products and services. We have an immense buying power of $1.5 Trillion and our culture is creating huge business opportunities for new products and services.

So shouldn’t the Latino community be the main beneficiary of these tremendous business opportunities that we are creating in this country?

Of course we should !!

Let’s do our part to help our Latino community achieve their American dreams and help them capitalize on the tremendous business opportunities we are creating for ourselves.

Our future is bright and our dreams are within reach if we decided to pursue them.

I invite you to join me in this important journey to help our fellow Latinos and Latinas achieve their American Dream.

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  1. Beth North from Force 5, October 29, 2015 at 10:57 a.m.

    Dear Arturo, 
    I would like to start a dialog. Amidst the explosion of growth across Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties in Indiana among the "English as a second language" learners we find the vast majority have come here as you say in this blog -- to create a better life for their families, and their first language is primarily the Mexican version of Spanish, though there are some who come here from other Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries of origin.
    That said, I disagree with you that the motivation to come here is somehow unique to the Latino/Latina orientation.
    I would like to share something I myself have only recently learned about the struggles and progress of another group of emigrants to this part of Indiana, specifically, to South Bend. Read Gabrielle Robinson's book, Better Homes of South Bend (it's available from Amazon).
    Should you wish to contact me directly, our company website is and you are encouraged to complete a contact form.
    As I say, I would LOVE to engage in a dialog. Thank you for your consideration.

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