Better Bedding: Secret To Higher-Priced Pay TV Service?

To figure out your personal monthly TV economics, check the height -- off the floor -- of your mattress. Does your bed have nice elevation?

If it does, you are probably paying for traditional cable TV service. That’s what Jeff Bewkes, chairman/CEO of Time Warner, said, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, at a conference on Thursday.  Bewkes mused that cord-cutting is “more of a notion than a reality.” Even then, that notion won’t be a lasting one. "Once they take the mattress and get it off the floor, that's when they subscribe to TV," he said

Of course, some recent research suggest otherwise: that the vast majority of those who taste the world of cord-cutting from traditional pay TV providers are pretty happy where they are and have no intention of coming back.

Still, all this is based on current TV economic conditions. Much could change, especially from any ripple effect of those that would push for the abandonment of  net-neutrality rules.  



If digital video platforms have to spend more money in striking better, “fast-lane” access with Internet service providers -- and then, in turn, begin passing costs to customers -- some of the savings cord-cutters get could be diminished.

Bewkes also said not to worry about consolidation driving up traditional pay TV service prices, which could increase cord-cutting activity. In looking at those potential deals -- AT&T buying DirecTV and Comcast purchasing Time Warner Cable -- Bewkes said, "In some ways, it could help, because they will be more effective distributors.” He added, “It's really the question of what happens to innovation.”

TV programmers are also intent on showing innovation -- as well as clout -- to distributors. as well as directly to consumers.

But for now, relax. Get a few winks on your platform-less, floor-hugging sleeping surface -- all this after craning your neck slightly higher to watch your TV, as well as one more Netflix episode of “Orange is the New Black.”

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