TV-Internet Only Homes Gaining Ground

U.S. homes with only TV antenna reception business will soon be passed by those homes with only-TV Internet connections.

Currently, 6% of U.S. homes rely exclusively on TV antennas for their connection to TV networks/stations, with 5% of U.S. homes only using the Internet for their TV programming, a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association reveals.

In 1986, CEA says more than half of U.S. TV homes relied on TV antennas for free, over-the-air broadcasting. For the last nine years, there has been a downward trend in the homes that only use TV antennas for connection to TV networks/stations.

The CEA says almost half of U.S. TV households  -- 45% -- received at least some television programming from the Internet in the last year -- almost double the levels in the previous when it was at a 28% number.

The study also notes that 46% of TV users home watched video from either a laptop, notebook or netbook -- up from 38% a year ago, with 43% viewing video on a smartphone (33% in 2013); 35% watched video on a tablet (26% in 2013); and 34% watched video on a desktop computer (30% in 2013).

Gary Shapiro, president/chief executive officer of the CEA, stated: “As consumers continue to turn to other devices and services for TV programming -- devices that need wireless spectrum to deliver the content we want anytime, anywhere -- it’s clear that the free, public spectrum given to broadcasters could be put to much better use.&rdquo



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