Cereal, Serialized

You might expect a panel on content marketing to begin with a discussion about serials, but the opening “Contextualized” panel at the Content Marketing Insider Summit kicked off with a conversation about cereals.

That’s because moderator Adam Naide, executive director of marketing/social media at Cox Communications, is also a cereal buff.

“My latest cereal is a little out,” confessed Chris Kilroy, senior director of digital integration and content development at CNN, who also described himself as a cereal fan: “Barbara’s Cinnamon Puffins from Whole Foods.”

Jason Osbum, director of user experience and product innovation at Bottle Rocket, disappointed fellow cereal enthusiasts, er panelists, by professing a love for “Irish oatmeal.”

Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi, said he was fairly “non-committal” on the cereal front, disclosing that he “vacillates between Raisin Bran and Fruit Loops,” at which point Kilroy broke in with the observation that, all Fruit Loop flavors are the same, “regardless of color,” demonstrating just how profoundly geeky he is about cereals.

Robin Zieme, vice president-video and trading at Adconion Direct, did not disclose his cereal preference, but pointed out that he is from Sweden and said he was shocked when he discovered “how many cereal brands were available to me” when he began shopping in U.S. grocery stores.
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