Google Buys Video Ad Firm mDialog, Will Integrate With DoubleClick For Publishers

Google on Thursday announced it has acquired mDialog, a video advertising and analytics firm.

Google is buying mDialog to offer “more ways for publishers to monetize live, linear and on-demand video content across all screens,” per a DoubleClick Google+ post.

According to mDialog, the company will continue to offer its services to programmers and distributors with “no immediate changes for … existing customers.” In the long term -- although no sense of what "long term" means is given -- mDialog will be integrated into DoubleClick for Publishers.

Google has been active in the online video space in recent weeks. The company is fresh off its announcement of the launch of a premium video ad marketplace for programmatic video advertising, Google Partner Select.



“Publishers are investing like never before in compelling, high quality video experiences,” wrote Neal Mohan, VP of display and video advertising products at Google, when announcing Google Partner Select. “Brand marketers are eager to buy against this content -- in fact eMarketer projects video ad spending to grow from $4 billion last year to nearly $6 billion in 2014. One big hurdle to growth remains, though: much of this content is hard to access.”

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