Here's A Measurement Issue I Never Thought I'd Have To Cover

The measurement portion of the “Radio Revenge” panel discussion at OMMA Display turned toward an unusual display -- one of the panelist’s “packages.”

Maybe it was because it was the last panel of the day, or maybe it was because the panelists were discussing some fairly wonky research issues surrounding audience measurement, but that’s when a member of the audience blurted out an observation about a panelist’s member.

Reading from one of the real-time tweets on the OMMA Display display, he gaffawed, “Check out the bulge on the guy in the middle of this panel.”

Now, it could have been a hoax (I never actually saw that tweet and I couldn’t find it after the fact), but it was enough to set the panel discussion in a new direction -- mainly about all the possible puns that could be made of the incident. You know, “expandable units,” etc.

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