Looking for new unique data sources.

Everyone seems to be dipping in the same pool when it comes to big audience data -- and that’s not all that good.

Speaking at OMMA Audience Targeting, Greg Johns, client director of digital strategy for Initiative+:

“We are all chasing the same users, the same cookie. What concerns me is that the most ubiquitous sources of data are becoming diluted. The strategy for agencies, advertisers and publishers isn’t not whether you proficient in data advertising but how are you getting unique data sources... [You don’t want] 25 people fishing in the same barrel at the end of day.”

In regards to this, John Tuchtenhagen, vp of group director of media for Digitas, says the industry needs to step back and ask the bigger question: “Where does the real power lies? I strongly feel it’s on the publishers side.”

Jay Stocki, vp of digital services for Experian Marketing Services, says more value will come from combining publisher’s data -- first party data -- with third party data.

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