'Islands' In The Audience Data Stream: Facebook, Google

The opening OMMA Audience Targeting “buyers” platform closed on a surprisingly dystopian note, with a number of panelists predicting that, within the next five years, most audience targeting will pass through uber “log-in” platforms like Facebook and Google.

“I think that 80% of the dollars we spend that are true, non-fraudulent, are going to be on platforms that have true-long in data,” John Tuchtenhagen, vice president-group director of media at Digitas hypothesized. While he didn’t name Facebook or Google by name, others on the panel did.

“That’s where it’s moving to,” he said, adding, “Which ultimately means, not an end to the open exchange, but a degree of reduction to its prominence.”

“This very well could coalesce to a few islands that exist on the Internet: Facebook is one, and Google to a lesser extent,” concurred Greg Johns, client director-digital strategy at Initiative, naming names and adding that he sees the possibility of a “consortium of publishers” coming together that “signs up with Facebook to become the cross-device [attribution] provider.”
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