Digital advertising fraud: Could regulation help?

With fraud on the rise, should the new digital advertising industry be regulated?

Speaking at the OMMA Real Time Buying event in Los Angeles, Jeremy Leonard, chief operating officer of IMM, says: “I hope it is not regulated. But I tell you what I think should be done to under the existing consumer fraud laws -- people serving time in prisons. They are selling fraudulent goods, and there are people in the food chain who are re-selling stolen property.”

Andy Terentjev, senior director, Enterprise West of comScore disagreed: “I’m a proponent of regulation. The stock market wasn’t regulated in the 19th century, something that was pretty much controlled by the robber barons. The change has allowed [average] people to gain wealth. Regulation is not a bad thing.”

Mark Torrance, chief technology officer of Rocket Fuel, says he doesn’t have a problem with regulation but much is in flux, and government rules could hurt the evolution of new ad products and services.

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