Mediassociates Partners With FuturesMedia To Automate Linear TV Buying Process

Mediassociates, a Connecticut-based media-buying agency, this week announced a partnership with ad tech firm FuturesMedia to support “programmatic TV” media-buying.

"The technology enables us to work directly with existing and new suppliers with real-time access to TV ad inventory, for reduced costs and improved buying processes,” stated Andrea Marder, VP of global media planning and buying at Mediassociates.

The definition of “programmatic” is stretched here, as there is no real-time bidding (RTB) or data-driven audience targeting taking place. FuturesMedia’s technology streamlines the traditional buying process of linear TV but still relies largely on human relationships, according to Marder.

“The term ‘programmatic’ refers to the use of technology to automate processes,” Marder said in an email to Real-Time Daily. “Down the road, we may look to include/append data for use in audience targeting which would also be considered an element of programmatic buying.”

Marder said in an earlier statement: “The ultimate goal will be to view all video properties, whether they be on TV screens, laptops or mobile devices, through a single lens as we plan and measure advertising. This will help marketers move beyond old-fashioned 'targeting' of TV spots to a broader 360-degree dialogue across devices with consumer prospects."



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