Smart TV Gains Momentum

Smart TV — Internet-connected TV sets — will continue to increase in worldwide use, as well as stand-alone Internet set-top-video box devices.

By 2020, global smart TV penetration is expected to double to 30.4%, compared with 12.1% this year. These results come from Digital TV Research.

Some 965 million TV sets are projected for 2020 versus 339 million by the end of this year up from 103 million at the end of 2010. China will continue to be a big manufacturer of smart TVs — supplying 160 million sets by 2020  —  while the U.S. will make 92 million and India will manufacture 75 million.

South Korea is expected to have the highest penetration of smart TVs: 52.7% by 2020. The UK will follow at 50.6%; Japan, 48.6%; and the U.S. 47.%.



The report says that last year smart TVs overtook gaming consoles in home devices that are connected to the Web. There were some 101 million gaming consoles in 2013.

Standalone set-top box devices like Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast, will also continue to rise rapidly — to reach 183 million in 2020, from 36 million in 2014.
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